About ATHLSolutions

Established since June 2008, ATHL Solutions mainly runs in telecom, information and technology areas. Now, we own many qualified and experienced experts. Thus, ATHL Solutions believes that we have the professional abilities enough to provide comprehensive solutions for every business.

Our strategic partners are well-known technology corporations and groups in the world, such as Siemens, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, HP, AMP and Krone…

Our main operation areas:

  • Provide comprehensive solutions in telecom, information and technology.
  • Provide automatic and energy solutions.
  • Provide e-commerce solutions and products.

Our objectives:

  • Innovate Vietnam made solutions and products with an aim of strengthening local enterprises community and developing Vietnam technology.

Our mission:

  • For the sake of Vietnamese enterprises community development.
  • Make a great contribution to Vietnam technology development.

Development orientations:

  • ATHL Solutions desires to become a strong corporation in telecom, information and technology industry. We make a reliable commitment to provide comprehensive solutions which depend on telecom, information and technology, automatic as well as energy platforms.
  • ATHL Solutions surely makes a strong effort to turn into one of leading technology enterprises both in Vietnam and the world.

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